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  • What is the difference between Standard and Custom kiosks?

    Standard kiosks are pre-designed enclosures that include all kiosk models listed under the Kiosk Products section. Standard models can be customized to fit a wide variety of components without building a custom kiosk from the ground up. These models can also be customized with paint and graphics to better fit the aesthetics of your kiosk project. Custom Kiosks are generally developed for projects requiring unique branding or specialized/complex components, as well as larger kiosk deployments over 20 units.

  • Our project is confidential. Will COMMENA sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

    Due to the proprietary nature of the market, all information shared between your company and COMMENA is regarded as strictly confidential. For your convenience, COMMENA utilizes a standard NDA and would be happy to engage in a signed agreement between companies. If you have devised your own NDA, COMMENA' legal department will review this document to ensure that the terms are acceptable by both parties.

  • Can I purchase an empty kiosk enclosure and install my own components?

    COMMENA typically provides the complete hardware configuration for all platforms, to ensure optimal fitting, as well as field tested components that are proven reliable for long-term operation. There are certain exceptions for larger production projects that COMMENA may consider for accepting customer-consigned components.

  • Can I purchase a single kiosk, or is there a minimum quantity?

    You may purchase 1 kiosk or 1,000 kiosks. There is no minimum or maximum quantity requirement.

  • Does COMMENA offer volume discounts?

    COMMENA offers various levels of pricing discounts based on specific quantities built at one time. For volume purchasing, contact COMMENA to determine the optimal pricing plan for your project.

  • Does COMMENA sell internationally?

    Yes. Contact COMMENA to connect you to our international sales department.

  • Once you ship the kiosk, how long does it take to get to me?

    Kiosks are shipped via standard over-the road ground freight and typically arrive within 3-5 business days. Expediting or overnight shipping is also available for an additional fee. International shipments may involve ocean, air and truck freight, with varying costs based on location.

  • Does COMMENA offer outdoor kiosks?

    COMMENA offers 2 standard outdoor kiosk models, including the E-LIFE INNO-KIOSK XT-170 Outdoor. These standard units are designed for installation in sheltered (ie protected) locations. They are not designed to withstand direct exposure to the elements. For kiosk projects requiring full exposure, COMMENA has extensive experience and can offer custom design services to optimize the design based on the climate conditions for your kiosk project.

  • How is COMMENA different from other kiosk companies?

    There are 5 major differentiators for "Why COMMENA". Quality, Capacity, Safety, Flexibility, and Experience.

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